problem is always our thinking, in a year ago, when our website every day can bring you a few hundred dollars of income, the heart is so happy, I want to be in the early years of development, estimated that today the millionaires the Internet must have a person is me, I am also considering a problem, that is why a year ahead of themselves may become millionaires, and a year later but can only make a small advertising, earn several hundred dollars a day. In fact, this is what I found the trend of development. The problem was that I didn’t adjust my development in time. I was only satisfied with a small amount of income. I could get seven thousand or eight thousand yuan a month. Today, basically no money.

as long as there is profit, then many people will come in. No matter what the industry, the Internet is the same, although the Chinese people, China’s Internet users are also many, but the strength of the people also see such a piece of fat, it is inevitable that personal leaders are excluded. On the one hand, personal stationmaster is increasing ceaselessly, on the other hand, business tycoon also is in mad strong flow.

take these days Baidu clean up the garbage site, right?. On the one hand, Baidu has its own rules of the game (garbage collection standards). On the other hand, he also in the development of their own content, such as Wikipedia, many content Encyclopedia of our personal website inside the copy of the past, because he is the boss, so to get good rankings, but also too much personal website copy the contents of Internet 90% of the content is repeated, so Baidu brush off half you still will not affect the search content, maybe there are many stations secretly happy. If the garbage sites have been removed, the remaining flow are introduced to your site, actually not, because Baidu will direct traffic to his site to, for example Post Bar, know that there is MP3, picture dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.. Now, Baidu’s obvious approach is to clean up a large number of personal websites and eat the traffic itself. This is a world, the age of the strong rules of the game, Baidu do so, I can not say, this is not something we can control and change. And we should change ourselves, that’s the key.

Baidu blocked personal website, personal website most face closure, after too many owners rely on Baidu to maintain the flow of costs and revenues, now Baidu not to flow, there will be no peace day personal website, personal website between the competition will be more intense. Survival of the fittest, in line with the laws of nature.

I published an article, after all, a little pessimistic, but what I said is not alarmist talk. Here to remind you, if your station has not been profitable, as soon as possible to quit the industry, hurry up to find a job. Don’t rely on your parents. I found that most webmaster Still Fantasy Internet can make a fortune. Live in the sunshine every day. You don’t have a particular model of development, and it’s hard to rely on garbage stations. If you are interested in standing, I also support friends who are interested in doing stand, but also please solve the problem of survival, consider doing stand, if you have made a lot of money friends, I hope you haven’t used up >!

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