IXwebhosting six months ago, in China is very hot, cheap, super function, attracted the attention of many vertical station, I am one of them. But in the past few months, IXwebhosting is more and more not, what is the reason? I think the biggest reason is their own, and then the people, because it is cheap, many owners with the domestic audit system strictly, "immigration". It can be said that IX space is very painful space, and personally do not feel that the review system, but said performance than some of the domestic host business even worse. I’ll make a list of them. He’s not up there.

1, the database card’s deadly

, in fact, the speed of their host is still possible, about 230MS average, for immigrants to the station has been good. But their database is not on the same machine, many of this net friend also confirmed. Then, the poor concurrent connections, the cheapest spaces, have only 50 simultaneous online requests. Last time I did 1200IP yanfengjiao an hour, half an hour after they gave me hanging, and is one to 22 hours, but personal English is pretty good, toss ah, really sad, you say is not easy to flow up, the results to hang up. It’s not a drop of blood. What they say about protecting other interests and sharing resources on a single host is not possible, and even if you do, you don’t have to say anything without restrictions, fart!


2, unlimited space, that’s a flicker of you,

talk about the topic behind, really, I was fooled, and can only blame their own eggs, pain, when the original purchase is so think, this space is good, the speed is still ok. To blame, only to blame themselves, just did not understand the clear, file restrictions 40W, concurrency limit 50, which is the minimum limit, it should be said there will be CPU restrictions.. Y, the ads do not indicate the next, unlimited P ah.

3, egg pain customer service.

day hung up, I look for the first time the customer service, a good return is good, good I also praise, attitude and service is really good, but many things need to change, buy your products, buy your service, a problem what to yourself, that is not to buy it if! Your host overload, then they will have the opportunity to sell you, independent server and VPS, the expensive price of Y, estimates are not so good performance, I think that even the performance of Brust VPS are not. Damn it! ~ son of a bitch. ~ go the hell ixwebhosting…

4, static file

What does

say? The web site is static or cached, but its speed and performance can be improved, but it’s completely limited to the number of concurrent connections and can’t stand the 1000IP load at all, Y

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