Internet has become in the minds of many gold, so there are more and more people go into the Internet industry seems to be in a way of earning money, any of the talk about the Internet feel behind to be eliminated. At the same time, in the process, many people have achieved success that is difficult to achieve through the traditional model, so more people have a belief in the internet.

however, success is only part of a success, the reason why we feel so many internet success, no failure, at least not success not failure; it is because only those who achieve their will to share this to make more sense of achievement, and the failure of the people do not to share. For example, after a high school entrance exam, it is possible that a student who is usually very good at his or her performance is out of tune. You want him to share his usual learning experience and estimate that he doesn’t want to. Because although we often say that the results are unimportant, the important thing is the process, but the reality is that the success or failure of heroes.

so many grassroots Internet, the success is very little, the reason why many people believe that the grassroots will succeed one day, it is because there are indeed many grassroots success in the internet. But success requires the right direction and constant insistence, and the lack of either is unlikely to come true.

but in reality, perhaps we are used to the Internet thinking, that is, a lot of things can take shortcuts. In fact, a lot of things do the same as our traditional model, but also a pay, a harvest. The user behavior statistics we can see the novice webmaster forum, a lot of grassroots webmaster think life the most important thing is to grasp the latest Internet mode, with internet thinking, with the financial strength, have a good platform on the Internet, but few people do not think they can play what advantages, many people think that they should think the conditions themselves are not, so that we do not have the Internet Success is to do not have such conditions.

if you feel does not have live in the Internet, so why still struggling here? I think the reason why we are here to do the Internet will have their own self-confidence here. Here I simply list a lot of grass-roots Internet practitioners problems, but also through my feedback to the forum user information derived from, and I hope you can refer to.

question 1: do the bottom of the matter, but all day long thinking about the big boss of the listed company.

has a famous saying, "do not want to be the commander of the soldiers, not a good soldier, indeed in the Internet should be so, do not want to be CEO entrepreneurs, not good entrepreneurs.". It is not like a soldier when Marshal can, if he was just holding a day when the Marshal’s idea, not to enhance their combat effectiveness, not to, not to make contributions to the charge into the enemy ranks and strengthen the ability in fighting their own, how could he be marshal. In the Internet, many of our grassroots are worried about ourselves

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