Hello, I am 4K, with nearly five years of net, many of my friends asked me what is the meaning of this name, I would like to say that 4K does not represent what, at that time in order to get the CS to play, but now, it might have been with me some sustenance. Today to write this article is actually selfish, that more than half of what is not written, mainly is not new, not to engage in the chain of words, I generally do not write, some time ago on a TXT ebook download station, the content is almost done, now almost outside the chain, so that is the motivation for writing this article. OK, gossip is not pulled, and every time I write articles, I’m used to such a section of gossip, ha ha, it’s interactive and interactive.

a night before long – time at the A5 Forum opened "link plate sale", since then, Links trading began to continue to take the heat, there are numerous buyers and sellers deal, every day is amazing, I am in a link to the seller. At the beginning of 09, I began to sell several local stations linked to me, that time has just started, what all don’t understand, all with the super cabbage price to sell, then each station probably sold about thirty links, then feel very excited, Links can make money.

But in

I feel opened when a source of income, but one day, several websites included routine queries in the hands of each site included, basically lost 20%, did not pay much attention, the next few days because some private business days is not online, then work check included, I fear, included in each site are only 20% of the original, but also see signs of continued reduction. I understand, sell friendship too much sake, after that month the link expires, all no longer renew, let the site back to life. Later, after a series of operations, two months later, the weight of almost restored, and I began to find a link can be sold, earn little money, but not much impact on the weight of the site.

this method is now basically found, to share with you, how to link sellers constantly efficient chain.

, a website before you start selling links, your site must be running for a long time after the beginning of the sale, because the station weight time is short enough, even in the search engine evaluation period, this time if you sell the chain, it is likely to make you stand all gone, I believe.

two, the chain speed is not too fast, too fierce, sell one or two best every day. The speed of the chain is too fast, even if the normal exchange links will have an impact, let alone do one-way export links, so the small amount of law is necessary, believe me.

three, the buyer for the regular station is best, even if the price is slightly down, you can. Because a lot of edge ball web site keyword is very sensitive, easy to make you stand the problem. For example, once a buyer’s stop word is "QieTingQi", I don’t hit it

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