introduction: enterprise website traffic come from? In China, that is really doing business long tail keywords SEO sites and a few enterprises, most of them know the importance of network marketing, so it has a different degree of network promotion.

business friends say, do network promotion, they publish our business information on the B2C website in Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent forwarding mutual powder; including some common network promotion methods: QQ group promotion, BBS signature promotion, buy Baidu promotion, Baidu alliance promotion; to do a lot of import traffic, but the real to do long tail keywords very few companies, because they do not know how to do, write a day for two days, one month, two months can also go, but do not find long-term mining to the long tail word, so not what content can be written.

right medicine: enterprise website in the end how to dig long tail keywords


1, starting from the product itself, mining different forms of description of the product name, the official website has been a lot, we should pay more attention to the user’s common users of words, such keywords have many ways to obtain:

1. to check the search flow keyword source (recommend the use of Google Analytics, you can query the keyword source of each page);

2, go to Baidu search products (Pan word main keywords don’t bring the brand search box), enter keywords in the search box to watch and see the results suggest that the relevant search, the search is completed after the finish at the bottom of the page can use Google, Baidu, 360 search, Tencent search, Bing search to add


himself searched for in the Baidu search box and got the following hint:


, the purple font is because of the key words I’ve searched before, and Baidu will keep it in the search box.

3, Taobao, Tmall home search product pan word, enter the keyword search box at the drop tips, the search is complete, look at the sellers are how to write the title of the baby, consciously selected, you can find something you haven’t seen the


for example, I searched the moistureproof box, and Taobao gave me some words I didn’t notice before: moistureproof box, SLR, moisture-proof box, collectors, etc. the moistureproof box was large, detailed as shown below:


these words are Taobao search flow larger words, can be slightly modified to be used in the long tail of the enterprise inside.

4, Baidu search index products (hypernym of the main keywords, famous brand is not enough, search keywords don’t bring rival brands), and then look at the relevant search provided by Baidu index (from top to bottom of the rankings), such as this SEO training Baidu index results;


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