making money online has become a popular topic, and many people have realized that they can make money online. But the fact that not everyone can successfully complete their Wangzhuan career, they face more is deceived, accept is illegal money online trap. Today, the author and we read some of the secrets of making money online illegally.

                      which is illegal Wangzhuan

with rich, high returns as the slogan of "illegal" Wangzhuan form, such as: buying traffic, spend tens of dollars can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan, and other slogans. There is also a form of daily gain, such as easily earn five hundred yuan a day. Think of it as a lie, and if it’s so easy, he won’t have to teach you, but he’ll steal while he’s making it.

"high throughput" interpretation of

has legal and illegal ways to collect traffic, but the usual high price acquisitions are mostly illegal alliances, while formal alliances include Google, Adsense, Ali alliance, and Baidu alliance.


1 horse form, usually in Mali into the game hacking virus. And some new horses, antivirus software can not be checked out for the moment. The purpose of high traffic is to steal game accounts. Practices are indeed violations of the law, if investigated, the consequences will be unimaginable. Hope you webmaster self-discipline.

2 in some of the more traffic for individuals, when the horse can not steal more game accounts, or when the income is too low, they deny. Stationmaster if participate, not close to be deceived, and also unconsciously involved in illegal behavior.

3 points through the "high price flow", the real money online and earn money webmaster, you earn is unconscionable money. Want to stop.

"uses XX software to get huge rewards for you,"

propaganda, only a little money will be able to get rich, and so on similar pyramid schemes, such as fraud, I hope the webmaster should not be bewitched. Once you’ve been thinking all day about how you can make a big fortune, and you can easily trust such propaganda. Then you are bound to be taken in. And it is obvious that software developers develop such products, usually for personal use. Such as the use of personal effects tend to be general, he will take such software products out of packaging, and hope to make a profit. And what is more abhorrent is that some people take expired software in sales, so that users can only suffer a loss, be deceived.

‘s real advice on making money online:

there’s no shortcut to 1 dollars. Need down-to-earth website IP traffic.

2 is someone else who can make money, he won’t tell you. People are selfish, earn money, never tell others. Especially those with high incomes

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