Mr. Ma Yun once said, do not do business, after 5 years will regret! It is because of his words, let me choose to engage in electronic commerce in this industry! Post travel fishermen owners have been more than a year, this year, has been responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the work of several companies site. From PR0 to now PR2, from a just graduated college students, to now can master all kinds of promotion methods, all the way, or rely on A5 webmaster share experience. During this period, we have encountered many setbacks, such as success, failure, happiness, depression, ·, ·, ·,

in June 2010, CEO, a fisherman’s web, decided decisively to use DZ to build a tourism network, which is rare in the tourism industry. May be because the preparatory work had done enough, so it has been developed to be DZ by a limit in · function; · · here, I will not talk about specific DZ good or bad, I will share with you my years of experience in the promotion for the new owners we refer to the reference, also hope that the new and old webmaster can give opinions and suggestions, let me continue to grow and improve


one, content should be rich and constantly updated

even now, whether it’s a member of our information department or a colleague in the sales department, we ask everyone to publish at least 2 more articles per day at the site. As a result, not only can we keep our website updated every day, but it also makes our content more and more rich. Because we are doing outbound self-help travel site, so published in our website are basically some of the relevant travel notes. When the station first started, we could not create so much travel, because these places like Maldives, Mauritius, we even have not been going, how can the original a travelogue it? So, we have to choose pseudo original, from other related sites suitable for the article, with reference to modify the first section and the tail section, and then replace the middle section (the order of replacement, I hope my friends not only for the whole article included, ordering up, let the reader cannot read. That’s one of the reasons why we have to do it manually and without machines to collect and publish it. In short, in doing pseudo original premise is to protect the quality of the article to pass. In this way, a "quality" article was soon included,


however, we can only rely on these pseudo original members of the Ministry of information to complete, because business colleagues didn’t the time to do so many things, as long as they can finish 2 tasks every day as well! With the increase website traffic and customers, there are a lot of tour pal automatically to our forum to send to


two, do the inside chain, the chain

we are in the travel strategy, are unified requirements of key word anchor, such as in the article, there is ">."

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