each stationmaster most sad thing, is their own business website night overnight is Baidu K clean, I do a few months since the station was first Baidu K my station, friends say the garbage station can be K, also don’t know what I do is not cause too much garbage station.

station is in two months ago, is a download station, on the site by K before ranking and traffic has been good, so has been stable for about half a month’s time, the daily income of 200 yuan, second days and then was tasting the harvest I woke up site not included, suddenly aware of the site was K,

then I continue to check is the cause of the K, which was observed on the log path of Baidu spider, the home also did not find what is abnormal, what is the reason for his back and think about what I do every detail to allow everyone to analyze title, the title of the modification, in order to optimize the keywords, which changed the title.

keyword density increases, in order to improve the keyword ranking, adding the same number of keywords. External links with the same keywords used too much, the number of links to 30, I think it should not be too much, with their own website to download software, answering questions on Baidu, but not many times a day, no more than 5

The background of the

page has been changed by me just for a change of color. Affiliate ads changed from the original Baidu to the official website


is really the cause of the K station Baidu? In addition to these I couldn’t think of any other details of the problem, Baidu K station there is a good reason? Please pass the webmaster friends pointing small first two (from http://s.fengxing588.cn).

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