now no matter what kind of business shop, if you want a good business, not only need to do a good job, but also the need to pay attention to the relevant attention. So, stationery shop to pay attention to what problems? Look at the following Xiaobian to simple analyse for everybody.

grasp the source of purchase is very important. Ordinary school supplies are generally from the vicinity of the wholesale market, such wholesale market is now widely distributed in any city operating such stores, supply will not be a problem. If the stationery shop business owners can find manufacturers purchase volume, purchase price than the purchase from the wholesale market is much cheaper, but will take some money, but for a long-term business plan to shop, it is very necessary. In addition, the paper products can not be more than a year to reserve inventory cycle, so as not to cause the paper to become brittle, yellow.

in the distribution of goods, in addition to retail sales, stationery shops can also choose the conditions of non retail sales. Such as small wholesale, buy, etc.. If you have enough manpower, convenient trucks, you can also go to the township wholesale. Because of the town’s retail stores and small supermarkets, who are basically who will take delivery of goods.

stationery shop is to buy a variety of office units, such as government departments, factories and mines organs, schools, etc., to provide daily office supplies and a certain period of time, a large number of demand. For example: the convening of a variety of meetings, the need for a large number of neutral pen, this book, file bag, or woven hand; as well as the annual year-end calendar, etc..

at the same time, in the premise of ensuring novel style, stationery shop also to quality win. Stationery is easy to consume because of the daily necessities, for consumers, every day to use, if the quality is not pass, will have a great impact on work and study.

for the stationery industry, loss is a big problem in cost control. Due to the continuous emergence of new stationery, the impact of the market, a stationery placed on the shelf for one or two weeks to sell, it may not sell. According to industry estimates, and now the industry as a whole the average rate of more than lO% of goods, even if the control is good, the business is more prosperous shop, loss rate is about 2%-3%.

The loss of

high rate determines the whole industry must take effective measures for promotion, each shop means one after another. Some stores to carry out discount sales, and some shop to buy a send one, and some for students and other consumer groups to launch business. According to industry sources, the most effective means of promotion is membership. Stationery shop stores for members to carry out various activities, to narrow the distance between each other, and the integral discount, it is to let some consumers stop. Membership system makes the relationship between the volatile business and consumers closer, so that the relationship between the purchase of long-term.


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