movie station is the first time for me to do yesterday afternoon, with the help of friends in the broken place (LOL). As for the movie station program, I chose Marx, simple, convenient. Go to the official download, then a friend gave me a template, a station can be installed after the movie was born a sweat,… Roughly the following:

1, domain name

Select the domain name

, there must be a purpose to register with you about M, I was still looking for potatoes, Youku related often enter the wrong meters, ha ha, very naive ah, almost all were parked or early site registration later, after I registered soil beans video, then the query m, com/net/ have been registered, except CN, and go to the webmaster nets registered, it is a bit long, the most important thing is the keyword can also.

2, promotion

can find some related film forum, Post Bar disguised promotion, register several Ma3 jia3 top. But a lot of attention to the film industry, the film released a large concern, to promote timely add data. You can also say in front of the SEO, but I really don’t understand SEO, not the site on. For a piece of notebook, you don’t ignore this thing, you can build your QQ group adopted station loyal users, they have asked what, as soon as possible to add this to the user, depending on the site is good.

3, make money,

Wang said, do not waste each IP value, so we have to think how to make money. Just don’t start to put the window, there are lot of advertising, ask you, do you think you will come to the station? I have two thunder Content Alliance station, mainly rely on the download, this is a. And we are familiar with the GG/ exchange chain (more tempted click will good)

I just write down through I want to share with you, there are different views or veteran don’t laugh at me. At the end of AD, potatoes video

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