site daily snapshot but no rankings this is a lot of doubt, many owners remain perplexed despite much thought why my site every day in the update snapshot but why there is no ranking? Today I talk about my understanding of the snapshot, may be able to solve the problem many long annoying.

first, skill is not deep, reserve power is the key

if you use new domain name website webmaster will know the web site in the three months before the beginning of the establishment of the Baidu search engine may be updated daily on the website, and this is not updated daily can effectively improve the website ranking, if your site is also in the establishment of time is not long, so the point now is reserve capability, and time once mature site will naturally have a good ranking.

second, the site is too quiet, less energetic,

a website to the search engine love and not separate original can, a website should also have good internal vitality, is what we called popularity, we make an example, the search engine is love a traffic more station or network traffic is less love site? In the same circumstances more search engine love tour rich site, because the site attractive, this is also part of the user experience. Since June, search engine spiders have been mentioning the word "user experience", so we need to pay more attention to the user experience and promote the website development when we optimize the website.

third, garbage chain flooded, which affect the weight of

operating websites face a problem: building web chains. In the process of establishing the website of the chain in a part of the webmaster love through the machine software to build, they think this process is relatively simple, but I think the 5 chain 100 chain built by this way than to build their own by hand, because this kind of garbage outside chain is not stable, the weight will affect the entire site. I suggest not only need to look at the number of owners in the course of the establishment of the chain, more important is to should see the quality of the website chain, the chain construction progress only by this way can help link the website development smoothly, without hindering the website.

fourth, the quality of the site is not high enough, influence ranking

will see many webmaster in website that I have developed a good time snapshot updates daily, in fact there is a part of the site though every day in the update the content, but the content of the value is not high, just barely meet the conditions included search engine, but this time we will have to site content quality improved by modifying the content to meet the purpose of the search engine spiders love.

website fifth, what is good, suck


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