saw a lot of time SEO information, and found the most important thing is the chain, the chain effect, want to good point is to be included in some web site navigation station. Because their weight is relatively high. So collected a lot of Web sites everywhere, want to help them included.

but it’s too difficult for a movie station. Want to find their contact way will be tired half dead, I don’t understand why the bigger the website, the more mysterious the connection channel. Even through the seven turn eight turn linked to how they can, when you can get. The station is not included, the station also require you to add to his home connection, he gave a little place in your category pages. Plus plus not only no effect, and put yourself stand as web site collection page. In the end, the effect is not only not, but also make the station look worse.

rather than wasting time, everyone might as well take more time to update what they are standing on. Listen to the opinions of users, and improve your own website deficiencies. To let users think you stand well and initiative to help you publicity. They send your address to their friends, or go to a forum and write your own blog, and they will send you the address. This kind of chain effect is better.

as long as your site bigger, and those navigation stations are not the same, darling, put you included inside. Looking for friendship, connection is the same. Good connection is hard to find, let it go. Feel at ease, update, maintain your station, flow, profit is not a dream. feeds