with the development of mobile Internet, the traditional forum gradually began to decline, which is the webmaster of the forum, for example: Chinaz, A5 webmaster forum webmaster forum, the forum is very much like this. But the vast majority of webmaster class BBS fate worrying, many have become garbage outside the chain of world, also don’t use how many users will go to see those soft Wen post. That is to say, in content quality respect, a lot of stationmaster kind forum needs to undertake rectification, put an end to rubbish outside chain post.

then how to manage the webmaster class forums? First of all, management of the forum requires a lot of time and effort, a person must be very difficult to do, you need moderator team, you need to review the post. Then the webmaster class BBS must put an end to or limit soft Wen placard, many webmaster class BBS has a lot of garbage outside chain post, and even the vast majority of users purely for the release of the chain. The forum is the contents of this garbage, it is certainly not what the value of love, not to look at the content of. The last is how to plan the activities of the forum, for example: love between offline communication etc..

now the webmaster forum not only the lack of valuable content, innovation, also need to be in a profitable way such as: advertising profit model is difficult, unless the popularity of the forum is very high, traffic is very considerable. Otherwise, it is difficult for the forum to have much income, and another common profit model is to provide a trading platform, and then charge a certain amount of intermediary fees for each order. Such as seowhy forums, A5 webmaster, forums and so on, there is such a way of profit. But the premise is that the forum has a certain brand awareness, otherwise it is difficult for users to trust, after all, is involved in online transactions.

webmaster class forums in the future want to have new vitality, must be innovative in content and profit way, with the rapid popularization of mobile social applications such as WeChat. Traditional forums are faced with tough choices, because social applications have robbed a large number of users and traffic, and once the forum is the most important communication platform, but now it has become a social application. Of course the webmaster forum mobile phone application can also develop their own, to make up for deficiencies in the mobile Internet, for example: the end of the world forum in the horizon.

webmaster class forum to complete the Phoenix Nirvana, to obtain new vitality, it must be innovative self. The most fundamental forum is popular, not popular forum will eventually be eliminated, due to the emergence of webmaster forum spam a lot, so it can not be recognized by the user, for a webmaster, also do not have much practical value. Should provide more Adsense to make money, webmaster tools content, especially for grassroots personal webmaster, now do garbage station is difficult to profit. Moreover, the disadvantages of individual operations are becoming increasingly apparent, and cooperation may have a better way out.

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