started to stand a long time ago, until now.

, but I didn’t understand what the station owner did, exactly how to do it, and how to do it well. The problem was that I hadn’t thought about it. So, no goal to do the station, the final result can be imagined.

talking about doing stand, probably also two or three years. But I never put the role to the webmaster level. At that time, there was no such concept in my mind. Do stand is pure fun, not to make money, not to rely on standing. At that time thought was purely for the sake of idle time, and for meeting friends whom they knew. That’s it。

but once it’s done, it feels different. It’s different. Before the station is behind closed doors, no information about trends in the Internet, also have no consciousness. Up to now, more and more feel, we start from the station, it should be as a quasi webmaster to request, to professional and professional. Do not ask to do the best webmaster, but since do stand, we still have to make some achievements!


combines the experience of doing my own station to make a brief look at my failures:

1, do stand must insist every day. The quality of a website, the most important thing is reflected in its content and innovation. Today’s Web site, to say that more innovative sites are not too many, so most websites still rely on content to obtain users. Since the content is so important to the website, then we must update it every day. This must go on. I found myself doing stand before, that is, three days fishing, two days drying nets. In this way, even if the accumulation of some users, because there is no content updates, will slowly leave, so go on, the previous promotion did not play a role.

2, choose a direction, do not light meaning change. I used to do a few stops, and at first I thought it was a good topic, so I immediately focused on this direction and did it for a few days. A few days later, another project was fine. And then go to another station. A person’s energy itself is limited, so that you can not concentrate on one point, you can imagine how much gold content has been done,


3, about domain name selection. Previously, for the sake of cheap, I bought the domain name of.Cn. Later think this is not good, want to change to.Com. There are some domain names that do not feel good enough, and want to change to another better domain name. It wasn’t too big a problem. However, the search engine has a lot of income before the web page, if you change the domain name, a short period of time, the domain name may not be how many search engines crawl, and previously included may also reduce the authority, reduce cause included.

4, the quality of the content of the site to be optimal. Sometimes, in order to be simple, we use some collectors to find some information, of course, if we can collect

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