this article is with an electricity supplier shopping guide project discussion, combined with my understanding of some sort out, for your reference.

one, electricity supplier shopping guide market is how big

many people will have this question: how much electricity providers shopping guide market, there is no room for development? Now go in there is a chance? The best answer is digital to speak.

Taobao Tmall 2012 turnover of 1 trillion, according to 5% of the shopping guide back to the present, in theory, you can have a 50 billion commission. In 2012, Taobao alliance platform for AdSense and Taobao customers brought revenue into the breakthrough 3 billion yuan, an increase of 100%, from the mobile end of the advertising business is divided into 100 million yuan. In 2013, the Taobao affiliate program divided the station owners and Taobao customers into 5 billion. The data here has not been counted on other electronic business platforms, and other ways into the model.

two, electricity supplier shopping guide platform value

electricity supplier shopping guide platform in the main form of search, parity, community, rebates category. The typical representative of the search price category is a scouring net and Hui Hui network. The typical representatives of the community type are, beautiful, love and so on. The typical representative of the rebate category is 51 rebates, meters discount, Amoy powder and so on. What are the inherent business logic of these shopping guide platforms?

analyzes from a consumer’s point of view. Search price parity is a sensitive problem to solve the price, is a strong demand. But it’s fun to be the first entrance for the user, and there’s still a lot to go. Community class solves the problem of information overload. Taobao’s products vary widely, especially clothing, there are countless styles, which requires products to help users to screen. There should be a greater demand. The rebate class has only one point for the consumer: can I make it cheaper,


search parity class is competing for entrance. As we visit the website on PC today, the first entrance is Baidu, and the first entrance of the ticket is where to go, and everyone wants to master the entrance. On the electronic business platform, as well as electricity providers, these parity classes bring new traffic, so are willing to pay for the purchase.

socialization electricity supplier shopping guide, my understanding is the flow of business, buy low sell high. For example, through the price of 1 yuan 1 users, a large number of users have purchased clothing needs, through the website editing information to classify these users. Like Han Feng, like the European and American wind, like Chinese, of course, a good platform, classification is more fine, and then these users precise guidance to the electricity supplier. Because users are very accurate, single rate is high, the value generated by a single user can reach several blocks. For electronic business platform, as well as electricity providers, bringing new traffic.

rebate site, the value of the electricity supplier in what place, users select a commodity on Taobao, and then to check the rebate site, there is no rebate, and finally the transaction rebate. This user is originally Taobao, so for Taobao does not bring new traffic, why would encourage him to develop? There are two main reasons

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