government website is the main part of e-government, government website plays preach policies and regulations, to understand public opinion, understand relevant communication online government functions, the operation of the source of funds for financial appropriation, the fundamental goal of its operations is to provide service for the masses, not as a target for profit, and this is the essence of commercial websites the different. But in some cases, certain functions of the government should be realized through the network, but the construction and operation of a special website, it may be a waste or lack of manpower and material resources, this time, it can help the government to achieve business needs, this kind of circumstance, have the cooperation between government and commercial organizations in site construction and operation of this website, I will call it a kind of government website.

sites like these include the following categories:

first class: the government set up the stage, enterprise singing class. In order to help the relevant enterprises bigger and stronger, the government will set up websites with commercial properties, which are usually carried out by enterprises. For example, the Ministry of Commerce has invited Ma to guide China’s commodity network, a B2B website that helps Chinese companies conduct global trade. Such websites assume responsibility for oversight, but are specific to the enterprise. In addition to government departments, some industry associations will also cooperate with enterprises within the industry to organize commercial websites. I have access to many segments of industry associations, and will be organized by enterprises to organize websites within the industry, mostly B2B sites. Specific operational rights in the enterprise, industry associations director, will regularly conduct guidance on the operation of the site. China Agricultural instrument network is a website established by the China Instrument and Instrument Association and some enterprises in the field. The enterprise invested the experts in the instrument and Instrument Association to guide the operation of the website. There are many such websites, such as China tool network, China machine tool network, China environmental equipment network and so on. Most of them are concentrated in industrial segments. The advantage of such websites is that they can gain profits through the authority and appeal of the government and associations, but on the other hand, the fairness of the websites is questionable because of the operation of the enterprises. Not only is the information release conducive to operating companies, but also for other enterprises not involved in the operation, is not conducive to fair competition.

second: government subsidies to promote industry. The first kind of website, the construction of the website and the funds that operate mostly use the enterprise, the government will not or rarely invest. But the second class website, the leading role of the government in which the play is very obvious, this kind of website of the industry, mostly the government is promoting the development of the industry, or is regarded as a sunrise industry, or is regarded as a regional leading industry and advantage industry. For example, according to media reports, Zhejiang, Ling’an, in order to promote the development of the local hickory e-commerce industry, given walnut walnut portal operators, a certain government subsidies. Another example of cultural industry began to flourish in recent years, there has been various cultural industries, including Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi and other cultural heritage of the province, the opening of the cultural industry, respectively in the provinces are named. A province gives the provincial cultural industry

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