apply for Google advertising is really not easy to see grassroots Adsense hard. Experienced twists and turns, finally saw his own website Google advertising.

says about advertising, whether it’s Google, Baidu, and almost all webmasters have "twists and turns.".

My Google

advertising is to apply for 5 times, each time the application is through some effort to adjust to improve their website, the first time I was trying to apply, said my website has not reached 6 months, this is the most basic condition, no 6 months are not eligible for a website the. Waiting for the full 6 months after I began to apply once, two times, three times have different problems, then you have to ask a friend to find information, not easy to solve those problems, I started for the fifth time or did not pass, said "your website user harmful software" I was wondering, a view is the original space in the diary of a large number of advertising links and some software links and so on, I think these things are destroyed, I spent almost a day to deal with those things.

second days, I have submitted the application, and this approval time longer than before, took a week to grant, congratulations on your joining Google, ha ha, I also have the Google advertising alliance. The next thing advertising problem is also a lot of problems (perhaps I too roots it) advertising up half a day without reaction, after the reaction is to say the page does not open, over time there appears some English, ask a friend to know that this is a normal phenomenon on the Google ads is not that strange. After a busy day of advertising, I simply stopped looking at him and went to bed (two days without sleep). When I woke up, I finally saw the effect of Google advertising on my website. It was so cool, my whole body seemed to be light and comfortable. O (a _ U) O

haha ~!

hard work is always available, but sometimes it takes hard work to make it better, faster and more comfortable. Take a look at my Google ad

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