In recent years,

video streaming website is done with earning large quantities of gold each day. According to sources: six rooms, YY, BOO, NetEase, this kind of Betta show 90 large live sites are an annual turnover of up to several billion, respectively is 500 million, 250 million, 150 million, 50 million, 30 million, the market value is not much to say. Then, how do these websites do Internet marketing, or how to network marketing for live video sites?.


1, data analysis

first of all, no matter you are doing any industry’s Web site, you must learn data analysis, user sources, user transformation, antecedents analysis, preferences analysis. In fact, Baidu webmaster platform this is enough, although his statistics are not too accurate, but also enough. Well, let’s do a simple analysis of the live broadcast platform.

when we do the operation of choice need to think about these three aspects, the user source where? What the user interests? What is the proportion of male and female users to consider the next step? We operate with these three issues. Now do site class is the general sources of live games, making friends, such as yellow, both male and female anchors, in general, the proportion of male and female users station up to 90%, that is 90% of all male users, so out of so many female anchor, Yan value is high.

with second questions, let us think about what the user’s hobby is, but more students, marriage making friends,

students? Not much recharge, then your main marketing should not be here. Friends? Generally speaking things like dating have been filled with some subsequent good ingredients in it, then you can know what is the lure of marketing, to lure the consumer, why many reported that WeChat was cheated into dating a bar high consumption, in fact, the truth is here this kind of website in this resource can still be use, but this is the only broadcast.

third is the proportion of male and female users is how much? It says the male users accounted for 90%, so where is the male users to position? Games, forum, and this kind of website is a consumer, the game inside more than several million, less than thousand, can go to the station to try the game forum; what is the male attention, plate, dating? Right, so you can release micro signal powder; huangzhan involving not more, you know.

two, marketing strategy,

marketing strategy in fact, many, how to achieve the ultimate, it depends on the details, the details of the decision, the optional marketing platform.

1, WeChat

by the aggregate effect of WeChat, WeChat is still good in making friends, whether you are using software or open the micro nearby, there is always a group of people with you, these people are doing it, it is empty, it can be regarded as a prospective customer, marketing cattle >

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