recently in the network industry set off a burst of tornadoes, including content, online reports, big upside momentum, a lot of personal webmasters hit, depressed mood. Some are on sale sites, some want to change jobs, others go to jobs, others do other businesses. Network development to a milestone stage, is to go or stay, depending on their own development situation to decide, I think that already has a good foundation of the site, but also to continue to strengthen confidence.

indeed, with the rapid development of the network, Nishajuxia, good faction bustling network market! Of course benefit is the search engine, network advertising, instant messaging tools etc.. Behind the prosperity, there are also places to ponder, and the era of universal participation in network construction will come to an end. Why talk about the network construction? Experience, such as in Shenzhen, you enter the Baidu query "Shenzhen flea market" there are tens of thousands of flea market, what the concept of 1000 individuals have a personal second-hand flea market website, of course there are a lot of people at the same time has a number of ten secondary network. There is only one way to develop a web site: a search engine. Cause the engine of the road seriously blocked, you want to check to their station, it is estimated that to 100th pages later, ha ha, and even can not find it. Lured by the success stories of early Internet start-ups, many people dream of giving up good jobs and betting on tomorrow. During my stay in Shenzhen, my website below small agents, some of them are doing the training company, some design companies, some are part of the electronics industry, through the purchase of the station program to build local classified information network. Speaking of the status quo, is neither dead nor alive, every IP in the dozens, there is a webmasters site built, the first half of only a few spam messages on hanging, only a few days to estimate ip. Saying "play" is OK, saying "fun" is ok. This huge number is very surprising, when almost all the people when the webmaster, just imagine how the result, a word: difficult! This industry is difficult to do.

when an industry to the extent of flooding, brought to the upper management of the burden of needless to say, many of these sites have become synonymous with illegal garbage station, flood of information, I will not say words, do second-hand stood friends are clear, the list can be listed on the 100. Every industry through the production and development, out of the stage, the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. In the great sweep of the occasion, need Jingxiaxinlai hard skills! Because now you get at least the opportunities that exist in many other sites have been closed or face off situation, with an early COM domain name, a record, to cherish. As for the present situation, living means that you have a chance. Why do you say that, because the current application domain name and record are being strictly limited, the number of a certain control, Nishajuxia situation change.

personal webmaster should do the following work: strictly to the good content, and resolutely put an end to bad information into the site, before >

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