wolf today opened Taobao Wangwang found Taobao security alert let me don’t let me scan computer, landing, I wonder, is the legend of the seal, but that is because of security issues, began to thaw trip.

thought for a long time before the safe mailbox to come out, defrost password, found that the background has been hackers to join a lot of mobile phone models of what goods.

thought, is not someone is trying to steal Alipay money… Open Alipay, all safety.

can be sure that hackers intercepted the Taobao password, otherwise it will not log in, but also add goods. (360 scanning system vulnerabilities are being detected, 109 system vulnerabilities, the seriousness of the problem has been identified, because WOLF is often used, two computers, an office use, and one is home notebook.


analyzes how hackers use stolen Taobao accounts to add goods:

1. Direct selling products. (this is the naive idea of WOLF), they do have their own products, no good sales channels, borrow other people’s Taobao store sales… Good store like hisap platform, sell what people are worthy to believe. So they want to sell their products in this way. Let’s not talk about the quality of the product, but in reality we have to pay for renting other people’s platforms.

2. Direct money not shipped. This is the most possible way. They don’t have any products at all, and they write real Taobao products that are uploaded in bulk. Lead others to buy as much as possible. Then leave a large QQ number inside the product information. Let users directly contact QQ number to buy, to avoid the use of Taobao Wangwang, so that they directly communicate with users, to achieve their purpose of deception, creating possibilities. And directly ask for payment, Alipay or hit the bank account! (provided by netizens, again to buy things must be spotted, to confirm the identity, and in strict accordance with the Taobao business process operation, ensure the safety of


3. Expand influence. This is the most incredible conjecture.

4. Hackers generally add items that are added in bulk. But their QQ numbers are new QQ, all new applications, because once someone has been cheated, they will publish this deceptive QQ on some websites. So their QQ didn’t last long.

The security technology of Taobao

reflect, feel that Taobao backstage function is strong, but the substance management still need to add some safety factor, if the hacker deleted my product, I have no record to return these products, it is at least a night time… This is a conservative estimate. How is a foreign credit card website such as ePassporte, if the password is stolen, the consequences can not be imagined. Then recommend a ePassporte Chinese introduction website ww>

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