Preface: these days, I found that many media blogs have not updated the article, and they used to write the original every day, every day to promote the enthusiasm, I have not seen. At present, the number of blogs has been updated every day. Only a few of them have made money. Most of them have disappeared. Some of them are still struggling like me…

since 2013 October popular since the media began, thousands of self media blog was born, and now to 2015, October, two years time has passed, can count from the media blog is not much. What I don’t understand is that since the media industry is so hot now, why do most of the blogs disappear from the media?


to talk about the media, we can say that these bloggers are the first to do a number of media from the people. At that time, it was called a personal blog. There was nothing from the media at all. Then it became popular from the media. From the stars, we also changed the name of the blog from the media blog.

but now? What business from the media from the media, catering, micro business since the media are out, many do not know from the media is what, anyway, what is what the fire, what business, company, the team wanted to trip from the media this muddy water.

well, we don’t say anything from the media, or talk about today’s topic. Why is it that the majority of media blogs have disappeared since the media?

the first reason: the original content is pain point

does not do from the media blog friends will think that from the media blog is very simple, as long as you can write original articles on the line. But when you really do, then know, write original article is very simple. Yes, who wrote the original article will not ah, but you can insist on writing a month, six months, you can insist on writing a year, two years, five years?

today, I’ve been writing for 1 years in November, 27 days before the blog, is a day to write an original article, now a week to write an original article, not I don’t want to write, I really do not know what to write. Blog in order to update, only release some articles and reprinted articles.

writing original article is very hard, often write an original article for a few hours, busy every day, and there is not so much time to write. And you have more knowledge, write, write, you will find that the writing has been finished, and there is nothing to write. Therefore, many from the media blog disappeared original, is unable to produce original content.

second reasons, not interested in self media blogs,

many people may not understand, since the media blog is not interested in why can be established from the media blog? I think, in the beginning, many people saw the media blog blog Lu Songsong success do, never thought of what love is not love. Ask yourself, you are because of what do media blog? "

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