first talk about who is a small webmaster. Small Adsense is a no money, two no how advanced technology, three no staff of the webmaster. Like behind the fish, Admin5 of the king is not a small station, they are big webmaster, change the title called BigBoss is not too. Like me, is a standard small webmaster. That small webmaster should do what kind of Web site? Let me cite a case of yourself, to tell you a little.

University, I often surf the Internet every day very idle, global MM (MM is near the university students), our people are poor, no car, had no taxis, had to take a bus to go to school MM. Everyone is a student, MM also do not abandon us poor, but also willing to make friends with us. In this way, every day bubble MM, every day by bus, a long time, and I know the bus routes in Zhengzhou. (as an aside: then I can be very pure, although the global MM a lot, but it is the pure relationship between men and women, lesbian people most is when crossing the street hand, their performance will take care of people.


there are one hundred or two hundred bus routes in Zhengzhou, say more, say less. I don’t know at first, then took an average of two weeks to check the paper map, a map can be worn out (and sometimes MM shopping tired, directly laid out the map to the ground to rest, have mercy on me that two dollars a map, scrapped). Later, I searched the map on the Internet, the first contact is 8684, after online inquiries, but also have to flip the paper map to verify. Check the map is faster, and the speed of the bubble MM also follow the fast. At that time I thought, if I do such a query web site will be fine. But suffering from no technology, has not done. After graduation, global MM was gone, because of the social MM are very realistic, if you go by bus or taxi to go to them, will be looked down upon, so I simply not bubble, the hurt. Free time, I taught myself PHP, wrote a bus inquiry program: "black tea bus inquiry system". This system does not go through databases, so it is fast. (not to mention the system. I doubt it.

with this system, I try to take the online test data, the query is fast and accurate, recall the familiar lines and stations, people felt. Then I’m going to make a station like 8684, anyway, I’ll have the program and the data from the internet. Hard work more than a month, while Baidu Google included a lot, but my site is not much traffic, which makes me worried, in order to increase the visibility of the site, I put this program to the web (two times of transfer to the ban). Many webmaster see this program, ask me if I can change the function of the two transfer, also can buy money. During this period, Zhengzhou city began to transform, many bus lines were adjusted, so the query data before using the results of many inquiries is wrong. As soon as I was in a hurry, I deleted all the data on my website (including the generated web pages). Better not give directions, nor give directions to others

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