, compared with a large number of TXT novel download sites on the Internet, there are still few download sites for sound novels, and the development is good. Many lovers of sound fiction look around for a site that can be downloaded. Why do this kind of site than TXT novel a lot less, I think there are many factors, the following on my current

house (www.yousheng5.com) faces each difficulty analysis:

1: large volume of resources

sound novel, unlike TXT novel is so small, TXT novel general KB class scale can contain a novel, big point also a few M appearance. But the sound novel is different, an ordinary novel, at least a few hundred M, and even a long N G size, which seriously restricts the sharing of resources. Few people can buy independent servers and have large bandwidth resources relative to their meager profits. I do this station is also no funds to buy the host, and had to resort to a variety of free SkyDrive.

but SkyDrive is, after all, a free lunch, unreliable. To avoid uploading problems, SkyDrive often deletes your hard uploaded resources, resulting in failure to publish your links, affecting visitor downloads, and distrust websites, making it difficult for websites to retain long – term customers for long periods of time.

2: sound fiction lovers base small

although many people love to listen to stories, but no TXT novel so much popularity, and TXT download station can be optimized than tens or even hundreds of thousands of IP, sound novel group after all is not so big, causing the site to do a high popularity, this is in turn influence the webmaster can’t buy the server to get a good income.

3: less resources,

wants to find a good sound novel, it is difficult to make, after all, sound novel trouble, good quality is the radio version, but rarely broadcast novels, can not meet the requirements of most people. So someone turned TXT into the MP3 novel download format, but because it was a machine reading version, it was not very lively.


wanted to sound novel station is relatively large, I think there should be ample space and bandwidth, with favorable conditions to attract more customers enthusiasts to join the ranks of recording audio novels, and sound novel resource scale, which can form large scale effect.

although more difficult, but I still pay more attention to the sound novel market, after all, there are a lot of people usually busy, no time to read novels. But there is room for sound fiction, for example, you can choose to listen to the novel on the way to work, when you ride the car and so on.

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