what is the Internet thinking? Different people’s understanding is different, how can effectively do a good job in website promotion, because experience is different, experience is different, a lot of people, methods are also very different. In the traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet, the site for the optimization of the sense of touch when the promotion, and some have tasted the sweetness, and some are bogged down in the mud, and some ecstatic, and some have accused Ma is a big liar…… Join the Internet likened to an elephant, in fact, many traditional enterprise website promotion is in the "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint"



why do you say so? How is the promotion method effective? This is the first consideration of many enterprise websites. On the website promotion method, enterprise network marketing experience sharing on the Internet, a search a lot, from different angles, from different platforms and successful cases, the monthly income of hundreds of thousands, the annual income of millions of experience sharing can be heard without end. Are these methods really effective? Are these methods really a panacea for any enterprise?

in the website optimization promotion, there is a point of view has been a lot of people recognized, that is the site to do natural ranking, this is the cheapest. The so-called natural ranking, that is, through artificial power, in the web site to do content updates, do all kinds of chain…… Then, in a matter of days, you’ll have a good ranking. Su-i do not know, for many small and medium enterprises, all have no tomorrow’s day today, once lost business, it means "no business to do, Distant water cannot quench present thirst, no sites such as natural optimization in place, but no business, so the optimization of


and a boss complained that the free way is not cheap! Looking for someone to do, need to pay for the high quality of the platform outside the chain, need to pay for the hair of the chain, also need to pay their remuneration…… This suanlaisuanqu, too many, and from the network order, but less and less. The boss tried to do a bidding ad, "although a day out of thousands of dollars, but also received an order,"

some companies give up directly on the website of the "treatment", directly funded auction, paid promotion. "My God, a day to spend several thousand, effect is maddening!" and a bidding Sike company, finally in a short period of time to "burn" hundreds of thousands of yuan after the call to be, talk about network marketing, dreaded.


whether it is natural ranking website promotion, website promotion or pay by the way, the two have different benefits, but also have disadvantages, the Internet has been half of traditional enterprises, try any kind of way, is actually doing "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint" thing, taste the natural extension of the benefits, it is said good taste; bidding advertising benefits, said network promotion money good things; and do not care to touch the elephant legs, was kicked, immediately said, network promotion too much…… Not fully

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