me, an absolute grassroots webmaster. After 05 years in college, only the initial contact with the site, the beginning of contact with is NEWSBAR and click on the hang of advertising. Find some on the higher of the article in Baidu. Later, slowly contact the web site, know that the website hanging ads can earn money. The earliest application site is gongbang net free self-help website, because do not understand programming, so the first is to play some of the self-help website, will add the good.

because I was learning the art professional, often love to collect some of the art of art on the web site, and later in the 5D BLOG built his own BLOG, where learning of simple code CSS in BLOG, indulge in a period of time, decided to buy their own space, their own web site.

then have (Jingchu business), has now become a "heart home", the business is the first site I do, then their own confidence, to think on the Internet to break a world of their own, site planning books have been written several times, mainly to do in Jingzhou area portal, then later as a person, money and perseverance can not attain the final business, not how long Chu died, and also let me know the not so simple to do on the internet. In that year and a half, I give up a station, leaving the Admin5, but also in the hope of the Internet reported a glimmer of hope, I became a "Century Oriental" IDC agents and Shanghai united network station chief, but did not last long, "agency Century Oriental" I sold gold. The city agency agents, later did not do the webmaster.

After the failure of

on the Internet, I have summed up a lot of lessons and learned a lot from it. In college I studied not computer science, but art. Doing a station also gives me a lot of fun and knowledge. Now, Jingchu business has become a "mood home", I decided to stick to this station, and now I’m just a hobby, a habit. Income is less important. I also entered a network company, do network editing, life is very monotonous, but still fun.

Some want to

on the Internet to take the network as the grassroots webmaster, I want to remind you, do not be too dependent on the network, the more important the reality of life, after all, network achievement is one of the few people, if in reality, maybe you better.

this is my first time in Admin5 published his article, and also hope to communicate with you. I also welcome to my QQ:516209696. station:

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