In fact,

website has been playing time is not short, mixed in various forums can be traced back to 03 years, but the original ID has gone for ever, today finally sit down to do their own "first" website (is said to be the first, exactly is the first heart do the site, before all is not fun, not to engage in long due to various reasons to terminate, most of which are force majeure.


first bought a new and mutual 200m space in a reputable friend who was out of date, and went to the 100 seas, domain 44, an overnight website.

after two days of publicity, IP is equal to 500, I am very happy.

continues to promote, fourth days IP nearly 800, if you have not done one thing attentively, you certainly cannot understand my mood at this time.

steady growth in IP over the next few days.

maybe things won’t be smooth, just as I was full of confidence to appear when the site do, home from work at night, open the QQ, friends received information that your website is a problem, a little pop-up "column information monitoring system to detect not allowed XX, weighs, the a station but I do attentively! My content is a plus, a happy net station would not skills Raiders harmonious word


immediately contact the space business, taking Kochi, want to send a fax, cancel the keywords shielding can, I was an honest man, only to wait for second days, second days, just sent a copy, fax and identity in thought, this should be no problem, who knows, in the afternoon the problem is still not resolved and I am anxious, went to the space business, the space of the answer is that the new website said there is no record, cannot cancel the keywords


I halo! Space, domain names are new to each other! Just made new sites, the filing information has been submitted to, and where have such a fast batch of!


well, finally, after a lot of twists and turns, with the efforts of the space business, the keyword has finally been cancelled,


after this day, IP fell from more than 800 to more than 500. Well, honestly, it’s not easy to make a stand,


continues to publicity, Baidu know, Post Bar, QQ search are my figure, hard work pays off, second days IP back, nearly 1000, ha ha, look at the station do propaganda is necessary but the intention is more important


to know, this near 1000IP and oh, 60+% are direct input address, the daily turnover rate of about 20%.

looks like a great prospect,

but just before IP, nearly 2000, the day before yesterday, the problem came again. This is my company, the habit of opening statistics, a look at how 130 of the IP, less than this time yesterday, nearly 200, how the matter, and then I want to play >!

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