wrote before, "try to build the station experience sharing" this article, after 2 months of website experience, now Google PR value to 2, for which I am happy and worried.

why are you happy? Because of me this layman, never understand the network, the site to understand a little skill slowly, suddenly see the PR value to 2 or a very exciting thing, after a month, no members do not have a lot of traffic, to second months, rose, very happy. I praised the forum moderators, to their medal, they also progress Happy forum. But there are worries, because I want to continue to work hard, do not want to hit the right or forum stagnation,

, let me talk about my experience,


in general, as usual, update the content of the forum every day and answer the questions that the members of the forum need to help. Coordinate the work of each moderator, and do the background measures.

1. for friendship links, I still more critical, here I use the method of College Station students, with their BBS different style, not navigation class not, no record of not waiting. Because even if you do link with each other, but the site is not the same as the content, the membership of the website how to go back you here to register the same view? Only occasionally bring tourists only, and no real registration and not increase new user stickiness, Ningquewulan. May you tell me, don’t do this to new, has become attached to, should be vigorously developed, and I would say, I have to do is to do the forum, is my interest to my community to vent on lies in mutual goodwill! So-called mutual goodwill is that you have a problem, you can come. All of us will help you, help you solve problems, but also can comfort you to relieve your pressure. Due to careful consideration, I choose the link carefully. We can learn from it. But some websites are good for many friends, such as navigation.

2. for registered users, and now my forum every day there will be at least about 20 people online at the same time, the number of tourists will occupy most, every few days registered at least 1 bits, although not much, but I am still very excited, and will work harder to maintain and update the forum. Because each person registered on behalf of the forum he recognized, no matter what reason to register or later come or not, this is my motivation, imagine, if several months are not confident you will register the forum? Secondly, I insist every day to update the content, do the background significance measures the forum is to allow yourself to enrich, only their own content development, the original increased, other will come naturally.

3. profitable or profitable

this may be a lot of webmaster most concerned about, but I don’t care about this, not I have money, but I think I do BBS purpose, not in the early profit, but in profit. I’m not going to think about making ad alliances on the forums for a while, and I wouldn’t do that because I just got started

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