is there anything better than creating a stage for them to show your products,


this is the latest trend in the design of e-commerce websites – a very simplified

in the past, many online stores have adopted the opposite way to design. These sites are often full of information, fonts and colors are aggressive, and websites are heavily over designed,

now has many websites that abandon models, exaggerated colors and fonts, and flashy pictures, only to show their products in a minimalist style. Since the advent of self responsive design, it has become a trend affecting many web sites (not just e-commerce). More designers are beginning to embrace this trend – simplicity is better, and readability and ease of use are

, which leads to a better online shopping experience and a cleaner interface, easier to read, easier to interface, fast and friendly. This trend is not just about design, but it also creates a better overall experience,

think about the success apple and its online stores have achieved. Simple and direct can be equated with sales. Now, let’s take a look at this trend and the companies that use it properly, and the tricks that will make it work for you,







more and more companies are beginning to abandon rich colors, models and animations on their websites, helping to achieve a more simplified design,

background textures are more subtle, or completely removed, in order to use white or black background to highlight pictures of goods. But why,


uses a simple design that helps a brand promote its merchandise. There is no need to guess what to sell because everything is clear. Doing so can eliminate the lifestyle and image of a brand’s past strategy, and they tend to eclipse the actual product,

the cost of the scheme is very low. There is no need to hire models, and simple backgrounds can also reduce the workload before design. All you need to get started is just a little light and quality photos from the studio,

spends less time on very complex designs that allow businesses to focus more on the user experience. After all, an e-commerce site is the first to consider sales. A site must function properly, load quickly, and make sure that users can easily find what they want to help buy

e-commerce design guide

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