said last time that World of Warcraft’s video network had seen a surge in volume 19-21, and the survey speculated that several possibilities were now being finalized on the Baidu index. On the Baidu index, 19-21, there are two search index is also increasing sharply, one is World of Warcraft video network, one is World of Warcraft video. Why? Because the wowmovies website was closed for a few days. Perhaps because of the mourning day, perhaps because of a technical accident. But many people ask, if only because his key word in the first row of site closed, the visitor is then looked down to my site, so the past is to search wowmovies to my site. It’s very natural, so my website traffic is up. As their websites opened, the traffic on my site dropped again, because I was just a temporary shelter, a house or a house. That’s not the point I’m talking about today.

key problem is increased in the days of Baidu index!! what? That wowmovies has to rely on the search engine is not large, his visitors are to remember his name, or a collection of domain names, often go to. When they found the site can not open, and then search inside Baidu, they want to know the relevant video World of Warcraft. It can be said, wowmovies, he has QQ like, everyone is used to, do not go inside Baidu search to World of Warcraft video network, and then point the first to go in. This was before I misunderstood, so I think the wrong, if SEO can do a good job, in his key win can attract customers, now want to change, even if it is I row in the search engine first, he in second, I visited the will soon overtake him, even pull into the distance is very difficult. Because people’s visitors, most of them are not through search this keyword come in, but regular customers, repeat customers. Even if Baidu put it K, their customers will still go there, because they take it as their home, did not go to Baidu search into other World of Warcraft video network habits.

why? I entered the World of Warcraft video network, looked around and noticed a few details. The reasons are summarized as follows:

1, time, wowmovies was founded in 2005. At that time, the Internet to do this is only his family, at that time, users have been watching World of Warcraft video on the habit of wowmovies has developed. And the site has a viscosity coefficient, every day to visit, there will always be a lot next time will come again, if not all, but always accounted for a certain proportion, this time a viscous flow down, every day, is a process of accumulation. Another time, but also achievement of the accumulation of content. Site:wowmovies found after the SE search page more amazing, this is not a accumulation is not good. Every page that has been collected is like a "sprinkle"

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