this time, I have been posting; and has been relatively smooth, thank you very much for my editorial suggestions and opinions; I think this is very important, to write their own high quality original more confidence; and our own still adhere to the original record in tomorrow, the main purpose is to write original some of the ideas and views to their own; also want to know more, people who have the same interests with me; but I have found a situation in A5 and the owners of the house; every day an article is approved, and then send out a short time; in later years, there have been many reprint; I think this is a good phenomenon, there is a good article that we can share it; but the result is not satisfactory; there are many reprint the title changed, some of the passages removed; some even original artifacts The sentence is completely out of order; here, I call the Internet: please give the original one day.

thing 1:


for my own name! "Stood up to talk about SEO point of NC industry optimization"; this article, I at idle, taking the time to talk about their own CNC professional school, then SEO combined with their own interests and hobbies; an article for analysis, but unfortunately is reproduced by many websites; the first reprint he will help you, leave your site links, the complete; second is reproduced, remove the link to your website, but the content of integrity; third is reproduced but highly original artifacts, the statement is not fluent in fourth completely; your article is reproduced to modify the title, content of amputation; pseudo original height. For the first and the second phenomenon, I personally support, for third or fourth, I hate, and I am calling today. We as the original content of the author, of course, hope that their own articles can be shared with more people, not to SEO to sacrifice; here called for friends to reprint. Hope to ensure the integrity of the article, and returned to the original piece of day.

thing two:

recently heard of Baidu, more love for the original article and the original start support; from me feel, do Baidu through the update algorithm 6.28 last year and this year a series of Scindapsus algorithm; the surface, a few happy tears, but I still very personal suggestions can be included in a comparison of the original high proportion. Yesterday I also in your own blog an article "Baidu" abnormal reminder tool will be on the line; I still think of today, the Baidu for the original abnormal reminder tool, there is no impact? Here is my personal recommendation is that Baidu through the "Baidu abnormal reminder about on-line" to pay more attention to the original the reminder, but I deeply understand that this is difficult to achieve, is a long process; Baidu released a report, "China website development trend of Baidu’s 2013 report" the report said: last year, growth in the number of sites is large, but the quality of the site is only 1/4, low quality site more.

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