stands for a long time, there is a feeling. Just like playing the ball, the sense of English language as a hot issue recently a keen eye catch, update the site, for the release of hot news in the first time, the fastest to provide accurate information for the majority of Internet users.

yesterday was the opening date of the national judicial examination results. In fact, the system was tested on the previous day and was open for 2.5 hours. I happen to catch up, check the scores, fortunately passed. So I wrote a feeling calmly and excitedly. Second days, check the source of key words, "national judicial exam", and some words about Scott scores similar to this query has achieved good ranking. By being happier, it is also a return of effort and the effect of practice.

in fact, in order to achieve the above good results, but also need to have a premise, that is web site to be included in the search engine, and friendly performance, spider every day to update. In this way, timely grasp keywords, update the effectiveness of the site is very great. What if we put hot issues into it,


Baidu billboard is a good weathervane, Google hot list is also good. But the two is the webmaster friends at some key words, good is good, but too much competition. For some small sites, the effect and significance is not great. Therefore, we must learn a. Combine your common sense and news, and update the original nature in time. Adhere to this, I believe that the search engine included in the future is getting better and better, and the resulting traffic returns will be higher and higher.

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