I dark horse note: in the amount of access beyond the New York Times, BuzzFeed is already the third largest news site in the United states. BuzzFeed perfect interpretation of the new media counter attack Road, let me review the amount of 140 million visits this month, the valuation of $200 million news station is how in the new media era like a duck to water.

1. Internet media has a unique advantage of communication, social networking and search engines can quickly spread to the content of hundreds of millions of network readers in front of;

2. lightweight, low threshold, one by one display of viral content more popular with the public, readers are willing to actively forward such articles;

3., after the initial scale and influence, new themes and serious reports can help to bring together new audiences;

4. advertising can also be widely spread like viral content, but only if it is "not like advertising" – content should be new enough, and have to avoid blunt marketing rhetoric.

new media operation benchmark

has become the benchmark for new media operations since BuzzFeed surpassed New York Times and became the third largest news site in the United states. Although its contents quality has been serious traditional media criticism, — a set of data released in March this year showed the flow but critics tongue stop BuzzFeed rising, BuzzFeed month can attract 140 million visits.

founder Jonathan · Peretti (JonahPeretti) once again the success of the. In 2005, he founded the Huffington post with Arianna, ·, and Huffington (Arianna Huffington), the latter with a unique model of "distributed" news mining and social communication. On March 2011, AOL announced a $315 million acquisition of "Huffington post"; in 2012, the Columbia University and Pulitzer prize was awarded the "Huffington post" at the same time, access to the capital market and traditional media recognition.

in 2006, Peretti, who lives in the Huffington post, was given a small pen seed fund from Kenneth ·, Lyle (Kenneth Lehrer), and began to brew new ideas.

is a new media advance on the road

.At the very beginning of the

BuzzFeed was just a pilot project that editors used to test, track, and create viral content that could spread across the network. Its first product is the instant messaging tool, BuzzBot, whose main function is to push hot messages to users on the same day. The priority of the information is based on the speed at which the link hits. BuzzBot grabs content from hundreds of collaborative blogs, and then >

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