I’m a loser from the rural areas, a great failure of grassroots webmaster, I have been brilliant, the most glorious time but also in the monthly income of tens of thousands, I was the most brilliant personally ruined the future of the web site, let me step by step down, until now I was poor and blank, suddenly wake up, my redemption my website again, because I want this child". This article is purely my webmaster experience memories.

, a website to hand with the "peak"

1, site dormancy. Because of the work of inspiration, I 10 years on the line of my life in the first web site, but do not know how to get traffic, so until the end of 11, the site is not too much traffic. By the end of 11 when the brothers in a group in the help of SEO understand slowly, and strong execution on my website, the website after dormant for more than a month, the flow slowly began to improve, I was taught by my friends on the basis of the essence of deep mining SEO, especially the long tail keywords the practice of discharge play to the extreme, the site also has.

2, website take-off period. 12 years from the beginning of February, almost a week in 1000IP site of rapid growth, the time on the website of the enthusiasm is unprecedented, looking at the web traffic are improving every day, change, Fantasy: house, car, beauty is not far from me (then slobber all flow a lot, ha ha). And the site is also disappointing, in late May has exceeded the 10000IP mark, wrote here, many of my friends think, IP ten thousand is a cock ah, if you think so, I can only flow Oh, waste flow and value flow. I was doing the traffic is health class traffic, and traffic is very accurate, only with a special vertical range of small flow, no junk traffic, leading to late I a headache every day is not the words can be done, because I put the key words are light industry segments besides, the back. By 12 November, the site had reached 15 thousand IP, and it was also included in hao123 (the biggest affirmation of my site). In other sites hard to find when the monthly advertiser, to my website advertisers are much more special, because of Limited advertising, cause every time new advertisers find told them all advertising is full, need to arrange the schedule, remember an advertisement to sell the most expensive one is 6000 a month. At that time, confidence was at its height.

you know, 12 years, Baidu has a lot of large-scale K station, my site has been very stable, and has not been affected, because my operating practices are completely normal, I have taken a long-term stability of the eyes in the operation of the site.

two, sell stations, personally ruin the website’s great future

When the

at the end of November, one field saw my website, I like to negotiate the acquisition of the site. "

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