many successful business stories inspired countless people to join the venture market, in order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, earn huge wealth, and for the franchisee, rushed to want to become rich, enough to do the preliminary work.

once joined, the headquarters will be responsible for the provision of equipment, provide training, guidance and management; storefront location, decoration, financial management, publicity, promotion and purchase, can seek the assistance of the headquarters. The model of start-up costs lower than other modes of business operation, investment can be recovered in a short period of time and profit, so whether entrepreneurs have no experience and sufficient funds are available through the franchise into a well-known brand of mature management system, learning from the business model and grasp the existing opportunities, so as to have their own company.

at such a fish market, some of the franchisee for instant success, only to earn a fee, so the number of the pursuit of chain stores, or less Gu regardless of the interests of franchisees, even against the occupation moral set all kinds of traps. Its means in general, exaggerated earnings prospects without mentioning the risk, or provide neither perfect service. Such as the so-called "wheat ham" franchise project had used the media play alluring advertisement, called themselves the international well-known brands, "said that to join a successful one, making more than 30 entrepreneurs cheated to join, diddle jiamingfei about 300000 yuan.

General join relationship generated from both entities, one of the owners in the industry scale, with the help of others will generally consider the capital expansion of enterprises. Through the development of the alliance system, collect fees and other means to agree to an independent owner of the use of its specific trademarks, products, services or systems, resulting in the franchise relationship, which is the essence of the franchise. So before joining in the investment, we must first understand the market potential. The current market information to the public, the franchisee can assess, analyze and compare the ability to come into contact with the system is good or bad, choose the conditions most in line with their needs.

in any system before joining the franchisee, shall be authorized to join and contact information, as the inter industry competition situation, should pay the cost of joining directory, franchisees qualifications, the initial investment cost, closure or transfer conditions and power and contract content etc.. At the same time should visit the existing franchisees, to understand the industry’s profitability, to join the franchisor and the franchisee with the relationship, the actual situation after joining. In addition, the franchisee can through legal advice or other ways to understand issues involving the legal aspects related to join, for days after the need.

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