what is a good, a lot of people have their own ideas, and I think there is a traffic stop is good, a lot of people say that doing a good, especially a good traffic is very difficult. Indeed, don’t spend time and do not understand and adhere to poor skills, want to make a stand seems to be Arabian Nights. But there are a lot of people say, I can stand very dregs, what content is collecting, Pastebin situation is not how, but I have a lot of traffic, I am also a good. So I think there is flow station is good, traffic is king.

Of course

traffic from where, I want to know, to, is the key word, the so-called keyword is the user through the input corresponding vocabulary in engine arrived to find relevant content to the website is by speculation, the user may use the vocabulary to discriminate on the website title is adjusted to reach the user can be from the engine to retrieve and generate traffic.

a lot of people say to do thousands of keywords. Yes, novice, you let him do tens of thousands of words, people can not even walk, you call people fly? So, novice choose keywords 3000-5000 index is a very challenging

on the choice of keywords, not personal initiative novice using so-called what SEO tools, through the content of your website, you put yourself from the user’s point of view to think your users will search through what words to you, if your industry is standing, and is a very popular industry station, then congratulations. You just set you think users may search words for the title will be able to achieve good rankings, because it is very popular, perhaps as long as you do, do not underestimate these popular words Oh, maybe this is love the user search.

, if you are not a trade station, or with your type of site is too much, then we should seriously listen to the following slightly. First of all, through the Baidu index to find relevant popular keywords, vocabulary from the same user may start to search, to find it, find the 3 index in about 3000-5000 words for home page title, keywords and keyword can be used "," separated.

The following

we want to talk about is to let the home fast to be the engine and can bring flow, we know, the website to be the engine is the demand for a cycle, may be on the same day, may also be a week, even half the demand. The first page and Pastebin often is home, why is the home? Because the page weight in the engine default is the highest, therefore, rational planning of the home page keywords, on Pastebin your first page can bring flow is the focus of our focus today.

then how to let the home page is quickly included in the engine, and can bring traffic? Please listen to the following:

1, matters needing attention. Novice can not be impatient, the choice of key words must be careful, do not think of the amendment today, and think of tomorrow, and amended, >

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