didn’t want to say to the competition topic, because the competition both sides Bifakouzhu competition both sides may not be profitable, A bystander is always clear-minded.. You did not see the recent "small three" (millet and 360) of the dispute, the audience as third parties on the sidelines, onlookers, the vast majority of spectators in the hearts of both sides of the competition to play fifty big plates……. Lenovo local website, there are many competitions, there has been competition before progress, the market welcomes competition. But in some places the competition between websites, means bad, Longan network often browse the local peer from other sites, found some similar, we borrow thirty-six dollars, a list of local site competition five poor means, and talk about the means to fight back, for your webmaster comment.


substitution, the competitors keywords as its Web site keywords, TItle, or even directly use collection tools, daily collection of other content. The competition is really insidious, but if you know SEO, it’s a stupid move. If your keyword a few years ago began to foreshadowing, is the old station, high weight. New sites plagiarism old station keyword, undoubtedly make the egg touch stone, waiting to be Baidu K. But the other daily collection content, harsh nature, too, and technical means to counter the single copy: open, and "wendou-a". If the assembly was the other side of the hype, so often lead to violence". Typical examples, such as Guigang, a well-known local website competition, will be collected (copy) content of the station to the opponent’s office space for argument, conflict, war, triggering social security problems. Longan appeal: if your local station is not specifically written, edited reports, or enthusiastic users, moderator management is not recommended if you want to engage in local station, please stick to the bottom line, link, the work in just ways, source.

2, weiweijiuzhao, delete the reverse link encyclopedia. This is a sinister competitor! Dare to open and aboveboard competition, yin. As we all know, the quality of reverse link in Encyclopedia is high, and many stations even pay premium ID to add. All kinds of Wikipedia is shared and open, so you delete my link, I can also delete your links in the encyclopedia eventually suffer, The loss outweighs the gain. For example, Baidu encyclopedia "Longan" points to the link of domain name of Longan net, the link of reference material points to already deleted by adversary. The encyclopedia history version can find out who deleted it. You hit people’s Web site, people will not let go of your site. The above Wikipedia, the other links have been deleted Longan network, but also know that the higher level of Baidu Encyclopedia ID, editing ability, pass rate is stronger. Longan network advice: Retribution when? As hard skills, do their own websites.

3, ID to deceive, competition website moderator on its website posting, let the local users think that the moderator transfer positions surrendered to the enemy, the confusion of public opinion. This is a sinister competitor! We know that every site has some enthusiastic, famous friends, moderator ID, with the same name as the ID posted on the website, it began to make people think that the moderator transfer positions. The counter method is to make a sound

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