I engaged in the education enrollment industry, some years, there are no less than ten education enrollment class website. Yesterday, the Jiangsu counterparts add the author QQ, complained site traffic poor profitability, I also have a single site, flow less than it 1/60, but profitability is it several times. This article will analyze why the site has traffic and is not profitable.

1. Site positioning and layout

The same as single

network, please look at the specific positioning Jiangsu and Hunan network of network.



Localization of

network of Jiangsu art, "art of information publishing platform" is the main information release, while the second site "Hunan examination of registration", is the main examination. Indeed, in the domestic platform is very profitable, such as Taobao, pigs, pigs, Witkey and other websites are platform. But the platform needs to make the industry to do the first three, second, do platform to some places such as forum, intensive and meticulous farming, such as Xiamen xmfish, profitability is less.

on the site positioning, the first site is somewhat inadequate. Hunan examination of registration, as long as the students through the website registration, the website opened money machine. Of course, there are some tricky things to be told slowly.

second, view two sites, the first channel page didn’t sign this channel, but the core, education websites to make money online network of Jiangsu second, no QQ customers, only in the upper right corner of the site pages to leave the telephone consultation, the interactive website did badly. Just imagine, how many visitors will click on the inside page to find contact information?

two will not use website traffic to make a profit on


, Jiangsu of network traffic.


we found that the site traffic is not bad, and are accurate traffic. The station also told the author that its website has 600. and the average IP of Hunan’s IP network daily average of less than 10. of Jiangsu and Hunan has a world of difference of network traffic, and profitability is the opposite, why? Analysis of traffic and profitability two station is not proportional to the cause.

1, discard the big head, take the small head

do education enrollment industry friends all know, enrollment is the education industry shake Qian Shu. While Jiangsu has to abandon this piece of net, is actually a very small amount of money to make money through advertising website.

I found that the station is only inside the lower right corner of the page there is an advertising position, but also are text ads, I estimate that each article is not more than 50 yuan, while the ad list of articles is very limited.

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