we do cosmetics products shop, Taobao probably did 3 years, just write to discuss some lessons: at this stage mainly rely on Taobao to sell products, although it has its own website, but not because of operation, traffic has been very low, sell a co..

about brand and product choice: relatively speaking, big brands abroad are better to sell, but the price of big brands has no advantage. Positioning: Taobao above 100 dollars a product, consumer groups large. Product selection: it is recommended to do a much hyped products online, there is more to see some beauty fashion magazines, pay more attention to the magazine to recommend products, ha ha, in general the current recommended products, significantly more sales, there is some more selling their recommended products in their recommended window, and watching TV advertising, advertising products are also popular products, the main push himself. Small samples of large brands are also a good choice and sell well.

‘s own product sales pricing strategy is: hot (hot), the current main product sales prices to own some advantages, sell a little cheaper, but not cheap too, because Taobao is too fake, really too cheap, people buy less, then you will say it is too cheap due to the vicious competition, the final injury or the sellers themselves. On the contrary, the price of other products can be slightly higher. The main purpose of pushing things is not to make money, but also to increase traffic to attract popularity. Unlike other cosmetic products, most people buy cosmetics is a buy one or several products, only need to pay a fee to look cost-effective, imagine selling products to customers through the search of our shop, even if the product itself, we can assume that the profit is very low, 30% of customers and buy other products, our profit is also very impressive, this ratio is actually much greater than 30%.

customer service and after-sales service:


shop customer service is different from physical stores, but also different from the independent mall customer service, customer service can store through their own smile, considerate, or other body language to show themselves, to shorten the distance between themselves and customers, independent mall, as customers come to you shopping, has explained the your independent store trust, Taobao is not the same, too many sellers Taobao, too many competitors, to develop, to make its own characteristics, the customer service is concerned, our primary goal is to win the trust of customers, how to win the trust of customers? We do need. The training of the personnel of the service, let the customer service staff to understand, as the shop customer service our first goal is not to sell products but to the customer, of course, I also sell products Our goal, because each customer are rational people, as long as it is true for the sake of customers, even if we have the attitude of some of the poor, or the price high, or some other reasons, customers will understand us. A qualified customer service >

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