for a just do a new station, sometimes encounter Baidu only included the home page of the website, but not included in the page, in this case, we can find the reasons from the following aspects:

first, the website structure is not reasonable,

new station, there is a large number of use of Flash and Js code, whether to use the iframe framework and some jump code, etc., as far as possible to optimize and reduce the code.

second, over optimized website keywords

check whether the home page and the page are over optimized, whether there is a keyword stack problem, whether or not to use a number of cheating means, whether often modify title, description, Title tags. Baidu search engine is more sensitive to this, so it is best before the site on the line, the local test will do these optimization work, and must not be on-line after the frequent changes.

third, the content is not original, but a large collection of

Just do a good job at the beginning of the new

to enrich the content, some owners have done a lot of collection work, but Baidu and other search engines like the love that’s original, original collection and make it easy to distinguish, if there is the same content frequently, spider will have tired of the page, next time will not again, so what happens as can be imagined, so for new sites should be published original articles, some users of valuable content that will attract spider over, so that Baidu included in the page.

fourth, the inner chain of the website and the outer chain


site within the chain set is reasonable, whether there is death and 404 state errors, the link structure of search engine is the best three layer structure is from the home page to page the user only needs to click three times to reach the. Content pages can be set, link anchor should not be too much, preferably one. Well then you can release the chain in the website content, to attract a spider over, the best published in some of the weight of relatively large forum, because there is Baidu included and update are very fast, such as Tianya forum, A5 forum and so on.

fifth, robots.txt setting error

check the syntax of the robots.txt file to see if it is written correctly, and then check the link carefully to see if the error is set.

sixth, server and domain names,

may use the new server is not stable, often dropped, and then carefully check the new domain name is Baidu seal, if there are bad records, these can be negotiated with the communication and space business.

finally, of course, there are many reasons why Baidu doesn’t include its pages

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