station for almost two years, the first is the establishment of any2000 for self-help, of course, that earlier, was a few years ago, the real station to 06 years summer, try holding the attitude for Jiangzi home space, HTML, although there are ads, but the speed and stability can still face perhaps, the two level domain problem, do it for about half a year, Baidu is also not included, Google gave a pr=1, but I have confidence in this point, Google IP a lot, but suddenly one day, they closed the space, then the time to try for a number of other CN free space, just to catch up with the price of cabbage, finally have their own level of the domain name ( but with some free space to collapse, I completely lost confidence on free space.

and I started a website no other idea, just to advertise your home Zuzhuanmifang, because he is a doctor, the station can be what also do not understand, in fact, I can find someone to build a business site, but I still love the computer, or want to get a try. Good show, how much I was, hehe. So, I got a free space, not expensive, 100M, telecommunications room, start feeling good, money is good, also can quickly upload, browse, Baidu and Google also began to slowly flow has also been included, to rise, I was glad that through my website I come here for the treatment of the start up, suddenly to the site in August last year, even up to half a month can not access, Baidu and Google included all disappeared, ask the space business, they said it was because the server was put on the yellow stuff, hard disk was confiscated by the public security department, I really is angry, after the space after the good although the quantity also included a slow recovery, but not before, most remain at around 100 every day, I have been very satisfied, because I like this professional site, to have a good 100 The patients came less because IP wasn’t much before and stayed at about 300IP. About in December last year, my site in Baidu’s data suddenly all gone, I do not know what the reason is, that time also think, what is the reason? I thought a few days would be good, but I was wrong, today, in the Baidu included the amount of good is 0. Also many backlinks. Why not included in the amount of, through several times the same revision is still useless, and this is what I wonder.

have some knowledge, I try to build a space station, this year in time for the company, the space business presented me with a domain name (, I want to make a navigation site navigation station, now too much, it can be used to describe the flood, can truly become again how much do, my idea is to make our city special navigation navigation, our city site, after half a month of testing, finally on the line, the line for nearly a month, from US Internet users response is very.

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