today, or say, yesterday evening, and a number of BT sites were transferred to where the Beijing Netcom users, now this morning, Huang Yimeng and Dai Yunjie are still depressed, it is China Netcom (or China Unicom) playing a rogue, no complaints, no solution, only helplessly look at it at a loss what to do.

caoz also made the website, that is a long time for a long time ago, and even can be traced back to last century (Khan, is indeed the last century), also in standing the first place in the NetEase’s Yi rankings (honestly, method of PV brush is not desirable, too) I had stayed for 3 consecutive years of earnings record on the Internet the first time of the winter, also know the hardships of webmaster, say a few points:

1. disorderly competition, is a typical DDOS attack, a SYN Flood caoz that is really at a loss what to do, syncookie useless, every nerve nervous, always do not know what time they see the Internet, server hangs bird contact room, but also secretly pray God can fix or restart. Even if have to take a taxi to go to the room in the dead of night fighting, that was a really cannot bear to think of the past memory. Who is the opponent now? Don’t know. Now in addition to DDOS technology, a good point, if you’re not careful, you hang a horse that is common, even if you are careful, your room environment is not good, a whole still ARP cheat you, China Internet so many police, so much supervision, supervision of information every day you are healthy and for those who disturb the order, malicious attacks are rarely, even in some ignorant media every day to praise the "hacker hero", not knowing that this is just a basic understanding of technology as a clown. Caoz said, caoz inflow is not level, still can do any dead a portal, of course, caoz will not do so, caoz has a lot of security circle of friends, such as "Tombkeeper", " wulujia", caoz; they have suffered from the friendship "test", know that caoz is not big

2. in the face of police or "pseudo police" helpless, the most outrageous one, even rival fake police to call my room site with unhealthy content (actually I have some web site home page ranking is the dynamic data exchange, and so some more exciting web site title row to the front, my site itself does not have any content in this area), room simply do not check, directly put my site to shut down, but fortunately there is a relationship of cooperation, negotiation, closing all the dynamic content of the site of the home page, was reopened. Two years ago, the famous IDC a webmaster group because one of the machines is a problem, coincides with the sensitive period, the Department in charge of the whole room is across the board, even, many owners don’t know how to die.

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