for the first half of the year, I have been communicating with a lot of business friends. I find that although the specific problems we encounter are different, there are many similarities in essence.

I put these similarities as follows, basically is the survival status of the operation of the crowd, welcome.

1. bosses don’t know how to operate

, the most representative of this problem, can be associated with more branches, the whole problem chain is like this:

bosses don’t understand operations. Companies don’t value operations. Product / market / sales / technology leadership, operations, teams, no operating atmosphere. No good operating talent. New people don’t grow

so repeatedly, formed a "do not understand, the weaker the" vicious cycle, each node in the link is a specific problem. The following is illustrated by a real case, except for the names of the parties and the company.

case 1:

Cong is a app operation of the new words, with the increase of the number of users, the boss think the team needs to have the role of operation, but no specific plans, so let her find me.

, "how does the user operate?" she just met and threw out the very general question, and from the tone she could sense that she was not familiar with the concept.

, it’s no use answering questions now, so I’m going to get to the point: How did you do it before you did it?

she sighed. "I didn’t have a full-time operation before. My boss transferred me from the customer service team.". Now I collect feedback and answer questions in groups. "


"well, it’s just a branch of operation. It’s not the same as doing it.". "I seem to have felt the seriousness of the problem.".

this is a typical case of "boss doesn’t know how to operate". First of all, the boss believes that the operation is not important, the delay in the operation of the team, or that the operation and customer service is the same type of work. Secondly, the operation in the team did not grow in the soil, from strategy formulation to specific implementation, can only rely on new people themselves feel the stones across the river.

The framework of

I try to speak with brainy user operations, but I still don’t think she can carry out complete. Not the individual ability reasons, but if the boss does not agree, a new person certainly can not change the company’s genes, in the implementation process will encounter a variety of resistance, resulting in failure to land. Such an environment is not suitable for operational survival.

of course, this product can do the same industry in the first three, certainly have their own strong competitiveness, I just from the perspective of individual operators to analyze the problem.

case two:

Liu Zhen has been in the Internet for 3 years and has some experience. In order to better enhance personal ability, job hopping to the group to do the start of the quasi giant, is responsible for a vertical field of product operations. Her goal is to be controllable in cost

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