I do stand back and forth for a few years, do stand, operation is really a bitter process, but suffered in the music! Is my usual hobby to do at the station, traffic increased, oneself have a sense of achievement, now the establishment of more and more friends, station under construction, can not be blind, we must first establish the theme, do the planning, such as a few days ago I built a new http://s.wk69.cn, after more than 1 weeks from the theme of planning, to determine the selection of CMS, after careful analysis, have a good plan, it’s handy.

below is some of our suggestions:

site structure should be concise and clear,

answer: don’t let your user enters your site to be at a loss because of the intricacies of the. In a sense, Baidu’s Spider is also a relatively special visitor. Each subdomain name, each directory, is best provided with a distinct content compartment to avoid different subdomain or directory pairs of the same content for each other.

creates your own unique content,

answer: Baidu prefers unique original content. So, if your site content is collected and copied from all over, it probably won’t be included in Baidu.

keeps regular updates,

answer: regular updates, spiders will often visit the program; and long-term updates of the web site, spider visits will be reduced.

carefully set up your links

answer: if the link on your website is mostly directed to some spam sites, then your site may suffer some negative effects. Participate in various SEO activities to self-help link, is likely to be too far".

makes her website an evergreen

answer: if there is no search engine, your web site is full of visitors, then your website belongs to the "evergreen tree". For users to do web site, rather than search engine site, this is the essence of evergreen web site.

station is a new station, welcome to the exchange of webmaster and station,


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