one, Baidu finished, no good for anyone,

what will happen if Baidu is finished? Google controls the search market in China? Maybe. It is not a monopoly? Do we Chinese haven’t tasted enough of the lack of competition brings us suffer? Baidu is "China company" or "company" or not, how to say he is Chinese – control in the hands of Mr. Robin Li, he funded us, can bring benefits to us is good information! Spring breeze of reform and opening up are blowing for thirty years, this bend also turn to


two, Baidu not included new station,


is not the case, it only included some strict standards, before Baidu included new sites need one or two days, now normal is half a month, not afraid of you again how to search engine to people, is of no significance, the key is to look at how to smooth the trend, some "stationmaster" that they didn’t abandon Baidu, but Baidu abandoned them hey, this is not cheap, Baidu included? For you is your father, your enemy is not included! Why Baidu included strictly? Because it knows that decides its fate is the Internet, not like some "stationmaster" said "the station to the Baidu K Baidu will shut down", combined with you it shielding Baidu, I’m serious support! But please don’t take all the webmaster definition.

three, Baidu random K station,

a lot of chaos "stationmaster" claimed that Baidu K station, and come up with a lot of examples, I just brought a few look, I think K is not wrong, the K, the reason is very simple: it is the crazy crazy keyword collection, accumulation, or is connected by the K website, content or is dirty rub was disgusting so, the station, or do the original, no cheating "! If you really are not convinced, you can look at this station ( on the article, I am free to help you analyze, as long as you don’t stir up enmity!

four, "achieves guku million" is really funny

"webmaster" say "Baidu on the rise in our head, but now devoid of gratitude playing tricks, xiemoshalv", I heard this, could not help but hold a headache while the rise of Baidu smile! Where are you? You are qualified to say that? What do you give Baidu contribution? I don’t seem to have heard of Dong Qinfeng king Pang Shengdong figure hooligan who complain that Baidu "xiemoshalv"? People really as Baidu’s contribution to people can not say what, you will only add a duplicate content to the network "stationmaster" shout what


five, Baidu ranked unfair,


you said Baidu unfair, put their own site in front of the row, very rubbish. That Google how often also Baidu stick it and know, encyclopedia content row in front, this shows that Baidu know, stick it, Wikipedia weight is deserved, should be in front of

six, bidding question,


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