the training of any knowledge and skills has one of the most important points: feedback, so there is no substitute for it at the moment.

this article turns from hedgehog commune (WeChat ID:ciweigongshe) to

Author: zhe ming.

"our group of more than 400 experts, many experts have not received a month of 1 single, and last year 7 and August, basically every day there are single."." Yin Guanpeng, an expert and voice coach for ID:ciweigongshe, said he joined the line in August 2015, and has seen 291 users, the most knowledgeable of Beijing’s users.


is not active in the experts said, after about 1 months can receive one or two, but since November of last year, he received only a single, "we are not talking about. Suddenly, it became the past?"

from an amazing knowledge of pay products, and now there is a bottleneck period, there may be need to upgrade or break a lot of places.

was the first

paid for intellectual property craze

, who was born in March 2015, appeared in the public eye as a platform for sharing knowledge and skills. After on-line, the line quickly detonated the concept of knowledge pay.

Aurora big data a report shows that the mainstream knowledge of domestic pay class App began in 2015, there are 11 models. In 2015, a total of two on-line knowledge paid class App, the first is the shell products produced in the line, and the other is to get.

the year after that, knowledge was paid for the spring. In 2016 on the line 7 paid App knowledge and related products, including the "thousand chat", "value between 1" and "2 red" and in the internal incubator online QA products "answer" etc.. The "knowledge paid" tuyere emerges in the background of valuable information scarcity, consumption escalation and the increasing awareness of user payment.


The biggest difference between the

and the knowledge paid audio is that it provides the offline meeting.

according to the interface reported that Ji thirteen and their team in determining the form of trading, through repeated experiments, assumptions, remove the impossible situation, and ultimately determined to meet the line. He believes that interviews are easier and less demanding than calling.

, who worked as a trainee at the line, said to Hedgehog commune, "from the consumer’s point of view, Zhang Xinyi has its own advantages.". First of all, many things do not meet, say, such as fitness, posture correction, or skills training.

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