listing policy

establishes a "35 ×"; "×"; "×";". Such articles are often cited as authoritative documents, and citations are linked to such articles.

wrote "10 tips" to help you ×: × ×". Very easy to get backlinks.

sort out a list of reference materials for a topic.

summarizes ten major mysteries of a particular industry.

lists a list of industry experts. If you can impress these experts and make the project seem authoritative, the experts may thank you and point the link to you.

authoritative content,

makes content easy to understand so that more people can read it and spread it for you.

minimize syntax or spelling errors, and it’s important if you want to get links to an authoritative site.

adds privacy policy and the "about us" page for our site, which looks more trustworthy. Blog, put a photo of you, you can establish authority.

news and aggregation

Posts high-quality articles in, Donews, and other IT industry news websites. These websites rank very well, and besides increasing the reverse link, they will bring you high quality traffic.

submitted articles to industry websites and forums. For example, SEO’s research article is submitted to the SEO information web site or SEO forum.

send a press release. Quality press releases are submitted to news portal sites.

tracks the sites that publish your article. Provide them with a source of manuscripts.

exchanges articles with other websites.

send the articles to RSS sites such as shrimp, fresh fruit.

make a survey that makes you feel important, such as a study of housewives. If you make others feel important, others will advertise for you free of charge.

directory, social bookmarking

is very old, but very useful. Submit your web site to the DMOZ- open directory or other free directories.

let your article to join Baidu search Tibetan, YAHOO search Tibetan, Google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks and other social bookmarking.

lets users subscribe to your articles via Google, RSS, etc..

partners, professional exchange,

ask if your partner or business partner can give you a link.

and partners recommend links to each other.



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