I in A5 Trading Forum selling music program has been more than 2 months, also a lot of advice and buy people, but most people invariably referred to a music copyright issues, if because of this problem, your site will be closed, even being sued, in fact it is not to worry about the things, I analyze the following points.

Why did

1. record you,


because of copyright issues, the record company will sue you? No, the record company is because you use the money to his music, and not a copy to him. To sue you.

2. meets what criteria will be the record company staring, but there are 3 reasons,

(1). Your website has caused great damage to him,.

(2). You made a lot of money with his music and didn’t give him a big slice of it.

(3). Your music website is very large. Also, you’re out of luck, is an example of

!!What’s the relationship between

3. music sites and record companies?

actually, the relationship is very subtle.. and it’s a kind of mutual help relationship. No relationship between any party,..

The content source of

1. music website relies on these record company.

2. record company out of a new record, but also spend millions on TV up publicity.. and this network piracy platform, just let the record company propaganda cost. All save a lot of pirated music website virtually to the record company to bring huge profits and benefits of.


4. how to do music website, is the most secure, there will be no copyright disputes?


the above analysis so many conditions, we understand the music website and the record company is actually a mutual use of the relationship. This relationship is very subtle, but also indispensable. This music website can’t go beyond the red line, otherwise you will cause copyright disputes. So what is this red line


‘s "red line" is the record company’s interest. You can’t hurt the record company’s interests too much,.

in my opinion, as long as your music website on IP less than 200 thousand, and are available for download, never mind, but more than 200 thousand of IP, it is recommended that you close the download function. Because the record company only hope you give him free publicity, don’t want you free to the user, or who is to buy the CDs

?Another point is

, and don’t be too afraid of copyright issues. If you are a pauper, your music website earn very little, record companies sued you, he can get what? In order to sue you, he also waste a lot of litigation fees. OK. Here you are. Open the music website as much as possible within the red line

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