personal blog a personal display platform, with the opposite of the Internet is becoming more and more developed, set up a blog is a thing very cheap, here we talk about the personal blog is mainly based on domain independent blog, instead of the third party platform blog. Maybe your blog has insisted for many years, but always found the traffic does not come, or rarely loyal readers, what is the reason? The author here and talk about a few points about building a successful blog need to pay attention to the details, perhaps everyone wants to create a similar ZAC, Moonlight blog etc. Hot Blog, but this road is full of hardships, the road is also very long.

personal blog success can be said to be the details determine success or failure, the success of a personal blog must be done all the details of the success of the personal blog is not what content have a focus on the industry but very small, one point, so easy to concentrate to break easily, gather a group of like-minded readers. What’s the details, such as a simple resume of your comment, a simple comment from your online friend, and all the details, which may be a detail of your loyal fans. Personal blog every day, excellent original article updates, is to train your loyal readers.

first: make sure the topic of your blog is

a lot of personal blog failed not because you do not work hard, but because of the wrong direction, many webmaster do personal blog is what are updated, without a specified direction, this is very wrong, if we want to build a successful blog, so the focus is very important, because our personal Co. that we may not meet every demand of readers, we can do is to meet the needs of readers like us, we will gather a niche in the industry of readers, that is success! Because the narrow topic, so you can go to more in-depth research, in-depth to write, so often can hold the most focused users are most likely to succeed, there are many successful cases in this field, such as Moonlight blog, write about IT’s comments, more focused, you will be more successful.

second: respond to each comment with a heart

of the current Internet environment we can’t deny that many users to comment on is to leave advertising, leave your chain website, but often there are users read the article carefully made his comments, for these intentions of customers, we will want to answer them, good intentions every comment reply, good intentions to solve the needs of each user, which is what we need to do. Such intentions will allow more users to see in the eyes, let the user principal reliance on Bo, but also shows we are an all inclusive suggestion blogger, so the second advice is to treat your comments, don’t be afraid of controversy, with a tolerant, broad mind to face a different voice.

third: blog to the end,

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