In the last few days of the

chicken year, I had the idea of building a website for my hometown. I’m impatient and I can’t wait. So go to the Internet to buy a domain name and space, the discuz program uploaded to the server, with their own rich imagination and enthusiasm, the forum plate structure was set up all night. In fact, my plate structure was set in reference to the Shaoxing forum, so it was very fast. At that time I foolishly think, BBS, what is a model, others can do well, I copied, must also be bigger, stronger,

!After the

domain name resolution was completed, I would like to advertise my forum (Qiandao Lake forum). The person who is not a senior network geek level, I don’t have too much publicity channels. I can only promote each other among my classmates. At that time, there are several relatively good students immediately registered members, but also vowed to help me make the forum bigger and stronger. I am inwardly proud, as if everything is going well, success is in sight. I’m a very proud person. I’m excited by a little bit of success. Don’t laugh at me, everybody.

however, as time went by, everything went wrong. Forum can not keep people! Originally in the fellow QQ group pull in the people, in addition to registration on that day on the BBS, other time will no longer see its figure. The old students who swore a few vows were only once in a few days from the forum, and they were always spectators, and they never made any stickers. After my publicity (mainly QQ group), there are quite a few people registered in the forum. But what’s the use of this? They’re just just registered. They’ll wave your hand when you’re finished, and don’t take away any clouds. (later I guess, these people registered Qiandao Lake forum just to meet me, don’t refuse. Not voluntarily.


at this point, the forum has reached an extremely contradictory moment. The contradiction lies in: the forum does not have the member, does not have the post; the forum does not have the post, certainly cannot attract the new member. I was lost in thought. I started looking for a way out. On Baidu, found the webmaster network, read a lot of webmaster network about local forum operation experience, but still no clue.

my website is called Qiandao Lake forum. Qiandao Lake has 1078 islands, so the domain name is The Qiandao Lake is beautiful, but the people on the Thousand Island Lake are very poor. In addition to the county government in the Thousand Island town, the rest of the region are farmers. It is the authentic plowing fertilization, planting farmers cut rice. Take the Yao village where I am, although it is the seat of the township government, the number of computers owned by the government is very few. During the Spring Festival, I asked about 3 computers in our village which can access the Internet. One is in the township government, one is at the villagers’ house, and the other is my home (my home condition is pretty good in the village). Just think, establish such a local forum can have how much traffic? Baidu, Google included more, ranking again before and what use? No one will come to patronize!


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