, a traditional media network to spare no effort to ban, not to say how CCTV on the personal website of large website, spare none, the new sites desperately exposure pornography, illegal like news, kill a worship move, causing personal webmaster difficult situation today.

two and CNNIC follow the wave, the state media have a ring, and then issued the first time, regardless of the provisions of the management is not suitable for the status quo, inconsistent with the national conditions, will be implemented. After one yuan CN domain name, according to sound to raise the price to 50 yuan, huge profits, disorder occurs in a national institution, speechless.

three, the file system is not scientific, resulting in the current personal website shut down a large number of a pain, ID card, now basically can only prepare a site, if you want to make a few websites, no way, you can take people’s identity card to prepare. The real name system, is tantamount to biliangweichang.

four, closing the forum. Blatantly cut off all the places where free speech is possible. BBS is not illegal, illegal is bad speech of Internet users. If the Internet users blame their actions on the website, then all the shops selling knives across the country have to be closed.

, the five layers of the record, a warm boiled dead individual stationmaster, CNNIC for the record, in some areas but also to the provincial communications authority for the record, also be city supervisor department for the record, manuscripts, send. Back and forth, endless. Filing time stretched, no way, I will be a person in the examination and approval of the site for the record. The administration is trying to save money.

six, the host domain name business opportunity to rise, all on the premise of national policy, plus money, I put you into the white list.

seven, the news agency and some local authority ban on related news, for example, the City Board of education does not allow my website to publish any news about Yiyang education.

eight, websites such as competition disorder, is also a fatal blow to individual adsense. My website has suffered from plagiarism attacks, a large number of well-known talent websites in the province, all at the expense of three indiscriminate means of plagiarism. Such as Hunan Fu X talent network, Hunan X talent network and so on.

Within the scope of

nine, within the national policy, some small areas have not really implemented some policies to support college students at home.

ten, personal Adsense technology is limited, and often encountered attacks, black and other issues, there may be domain names attacked and implicated. Search engine included, accidentally, was implanted hidden, private servers and other links, and have been K, drop power, etc..

eleven, Google China, if left, our last line of GG advertising, small income are gone, and Baidu, that threshold is not eligible to launch.

twelve, big web sites are unfriendly to small websites. PR4, more than Alexa70 million, all kinds of local keywords, such as Yiyang talent network, Yiyang recruitment network, Yiyang talent market and so on

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